Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mon. Results 28th Dec. 2015.

Happy New Year to all members and their families'.
Mon. Winner.
Michael Murray (7)                                                       28 pts.
Andy Cunningham (2)                                  27 pts. (back 9)
Paul Brennan Snr. (12)                              27 pts. (back 9)
Edward Cunningham (14)                                      27 pts.
Twos; Danny Lyons, Stephen Conroy on Hole 17.
Wed. Open Singles Stableford.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Sat./Sun. Results 19th./20th. Dec. 2015.

Sat. Winners.
(Inclusive of add-ons and deductions)
Class 1.  Liam Kenny, Anthony Donohoe, James Land, Johnny Martin,
Ciaran O Neill, Seamus Grehan, Christy Dent, Stephen McNevin,
Brendan Colgan,  P.J.Conroy. 21 pts. or better.
Class 2.  John O Neill, James Minogue, Joseph Ryan, John Sinnott,
Richard Maher, Robert Maguire, Steven Buggy, Stephen McMahon,
Ciaran Diviney, Donal Dillane, Paul White. 21 pts. or better.
Class 3. John Garcia, John O Connor, Patrick Byrne, Cyril Loughlin,
David Morrin, Liam Carroll, Eugene Loughlin, Tommy Byrne,
Anthony Kelly, Padraig Kelly. 25 pts. or better.
Twos;  Albert Byrne, Richard Maher, John O Neill on Hole 10.
Sun. Hamper Winner.
John Wade (14)                                                        28 pts.
Second (Hamper)
Eric O Connor (8)                                    27 pts. (back 9)
John Keegan (9)                                                    27 pts.
Class 1.   Michael Murray (7)    26 pts.
Class 2.   Keith Costello (13)    25 pts. (back 1)
Class 3.    Ed Cunningham (14)    24 pts.
Twos;  Michael Murray, Eric O Connor on Hole 10.
Open Singles Sun./Mon. 27th./28th. Dec.
Happy Christmas to all.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wed. Results 16th Dec. 2015.

Wed. Hamper Winner.
Anthony Carton (12)                           29 pts. (back 9)
Second. (Hamper)
Tony Banville (11)                                   29 pts.
Dave Magee (5)                               28 pts.
Class 1.   Brendan Colgan (8)                     26 pts.
Class 2.   Frank MacNamara (10)           27 pts.
Class 3.   Michael G Brennan (16)        27 pts.
Twos; Anthony Donohoe, Tony Banville on Hole 8.
Sat. (weather permitting) over 30 Tesco Vouchers.
(Value 40 Euro) Non-Winners + 5 pts.(Oct.-Dec.)
Sun. 2 Hampers + Prizes. (No cuts or add-ons).

Monday, 14 December 2015

Sun. Results 13th Dec. 2015.

This Wed. there will be a Hamper for 1st and 2nd.
Due to Sat. cancellation, next Sat. will be a Voucher Day.
Weather permitting there will be over
30 Tesco Voucher to the value of 40 Euro.
Next Sun. there will be a Hamper for 1st and 2nd.
Sun. Winners.
(Inclusive of add-ons and reductions)
Class 1.; Greg Stafford, John Keegan, Ken Pringle, Stephen McNevin,
Joe Bennett, Ed Stokes, Graham O Neill. all had 23 pts. or more.
Class 2.; Darragh Hyland, Nick Norman, Paul Crone, Pat G Byrne,
Liam Darcy, David Holota, Brian O Connor(2),all had 24 pts. or more.
Class 3.; Bernard Cullen, Patrick Horan, Ivan Metcalfe, Noel Daynes,
Ed Cunningham, Frank Hendrick, Robert Gorman, John Wade,
All had 21 pts. or more.
Twos;  Shahbaz Rana on Hole 6, Karl Fitzsimons on Hole 17.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Wed. Results.9th Dec. 2015

Wed. Winner.
Maurice Ellis (15)                                    28 pts.
John Ennis (15)                                         26 pts.
Vincent Rochford (18)                   25 pts. (back 3)
Class 1.   Tony Mayo (5)                                    19 pts.
Class 2.   Thomas Hartnett (10)   23 pts. (back 9)
Class 3.   Peter Ryan (17)                    25 pts.
Twos; John Ennis on Hole 10.
Sat./Sun. Turkey Flock