Thursday, 30 April 2020

Golf Update………..

Notice to all Members - 30th April 2020

                                         CITYWEST RESORT GOLF CLUB

Firstly we would like to send best wishes to all of our members and their families in this difficult period.
           We hope that you are all in good health and coping with the restrictions.

The purpose of this notice is to bring you up to date with the Club’s position following the HSE takeover of the hotel and grounds and the Government and GUI regulations.
The HSE have contracted to rent the hotel, conference centre and golf course until the end of September 2020 with an option to extend until the end of December 2020. The hotel is being used to isolate people with the virus and those recovering who no longer require hospital care. The golf course is being used for recreational walks by HSE personnel. No golf is being played.
Our understanding is that the golf course is being maintained by Jonathan and a reduced green keeping staff.
All fees paid to the Hotel for 2020 season are currently being returned. If you have not received a claim form for the refund of fees can you please contact either Martin Green on 089 4364324 or David Magee on 085 9006050 At the moment (April 29th) no golf is permitted in Ireland and until the government decides to relax this rule any information to the contrary circulating on social media is pure speculation.
The position of the GUI regarding Citywest Resort Golf Club is that we can maintain our affiliation provided we find an alternative base to play competitions once golf courses re-open.  Bear in mind that handicaps are only required for competition play.
We have made representations to 4 golf clubs; Lisheen Springs, Slade Valley, Lucan and Beech Park to see if they could accommodate us to allow us to run a mid-week and weekend competition and also to provide reduced green fees. We have received 2 positive replies and are expecting the other 2 shortly.

So what does all of this mean for you as a Citywest Resort member?

If competitive golf is allowed: 

You will need a handicap and insurance. Assuming Citywest  Resort Golf Club can reach an agreement with one of the 4 clubs we will be in a position to run our own competitions and in this way maintain your GUI handicap and insurances. Citywest Golf Club would charge for the GUI membership, insurances and a club administration fee a total of €60. The host club would charge a reduced green fee and a competition entry fee would apply as normal. Thus will allow us to maintain the GUI membership of Citywest until the situation for 2021 is resolved.

We would respectfully ask all members to wait and see what we have negotiated with the selected golf club prior to joining another golf club. The more members we have the stronger our negotiating position will be.

If casual golf only is allowed: 

There would be no need for GUI handicaps and it is highly likely that due to reduced availability of tee times that a Members Only rule will apply which will require you to join another club. The idea of temporary membership of one of the 4 other clubs until the situation with the hotel is clarified has been raised and is something that we expect to be part of the offers we receive.  We would note that all countries that have or are about to resume golf are doing so on a casual basis only for the time being.
That is the current situation and as soon as we have more news and know exactly in what format golf in Ireland will resume we will advise you.

Martin Green – Joint Honorary Secretary.
Anthony Carton – Joint Honorary Secretary

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Up to date notice for members

We have spoken to Hotel Management today, via Skype, and have decided to post the following on the Blogs:- Due to the fact that our golf course will not be available to us for the next 6 to 9 months(it is been acquired by the HSE as a field hospital), we have reached an agreement with the hotel, for  a 100% refund on all fees paid for this year,, to be refunded directly  to members, by the hotel. We will over the coming week e mail you with a refund claim form, which you must complete and return directly to the hotel, by email or post, so as the hotel may refund you directly to your Bank A/C or Visa Debit Card A/C. Should you not have an email address, we will contact you by telephone and post you out the form.  We will undertake to contact you as soon as we have any news on the hotels intention to resume golf or not. Please note that your golf insurance will expire on March 31st 2020 i.e approx. one weeks time, and from that date you will no longer be insured by the Club. Should there be any further developments, we will inform you immediately.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

The Management

Dear Members

The health and safety of our team ,members, customers and wider community is of
utmost importance to us. With that being said, following government directives
on how to aid prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, as a business we
have the decision to close the hotel, Golf club, leisure centre, haven hair and
beauty salon and grounds from tonight, 17th March 2020 until further notice.

Yours sincerely,

The management. 

Monday, 16 March 2020

Competition played on Sunday the 15th March  2020.

 Notice to Members:  

          As from 1st April the competition entry fee will be €6 not €5.


              The Competition was non-qualifying for Handicap purposes.

1.      Declan Coghlan     34pts   (16)    Overall Winner  

2.      Aidan Mulligan      31pts   (20)    Overall Runner-up  

3.      Denis Breen           31pts    (15)    Overall 3rd  

                                                              Class Winners

Class 1.
   David McGrath      30pts       (10)  

Class 2.    Tony O'Neill           29pts       (15)   

Class 3.    Thomas May          31pts        (19)

Jonathan Scanlon on hole 3,
William Walsh, Jenaro Paredes on hole 8,
Declan Coghlan P J Conroy on hole 10,
William Haughton, Joe Bennett on hole 14.

Competition played on Saturday 14th March  2020.

 Notice to Members:  
                               As from 1st April the competition entry fee will be €6 not €5.


               The Competition was non-qualifying for Handicap purposes.


1.       Noel Finn            33pts   (19)    Overall Winner  

2.       Lester Gale         31pts   (23)    Overall Runner-up  

3.       Ernest Rosier       30pts    (18)    Overall 3rd

          Kyle Brennan    (junior)   32pts   (25)

                                                              Class Winners

Class 1.
   Ronnie Mercado      28pts       (10)  

Class 2.    John Geraghty          29pts       (12)

Class 3.    John P Green            29pts       (19)

Shahbaz Rana, Tony Collins on hole 3,
Brian O'Connor, Noel Finn, James Marshall, Richard Merriman on hole 8,
Ronnie Mercado, Chris Dowling, Christy Hughes, Eric O'Connor on hole 10,
 Noel Finn, Terence Carthy on hole 14.


Thursday, 12 March 2020

Competition played on Wednesday  11th March  2020.

Notice to Members:
                               Timesheet for Captain's Drive-in will be in the Proshop this weekend so please enter and pay the €10 fee ASAP but no later than the 18th March. Teams therefore can be arranged in time so we can commence the Captain's Drive-in at 9am on Saturday the 21st March.   


                           The Competition was non-qualifying for Handicap purposes.

                              A List of Domestic Cuts is available in the Proshop.

"Members are reminded that they must only play at the time they booked on the time sheet."



1.    Ivan Metcalfe         34pts    (16)     Overall Winner

2.    Pat Magee               29pts    (15)     Overall  Runner-Up 

3.    Patrick Horan          28pts    (19)     Overall 3rd

4.    Terry McNamee      27pts    (19)     Overall 4th.



                    Karl Fitzsimmons on hole 6,
                    Brian Nealon on hole 10.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Competition played on Sunday the 8th March  2020.

 Notice to Members:  
                               As from 1st April the competition entry fee will be €6 not €5.

Don't forget that the Captains Drive-in  will be on Saturday the 21st March at 9:30am to include a shotgun scramble and food. So please come early around 8:30am so we can make up the teams.

                           The Competition was non-qualifying for Handicap purposes.
             🏌   Congratulations to John Geraghty who had a hole-in-one on the 8th hole.  🏌


1.       John Brothwood    33pts   (17)    Overall Winner  

2.      P. J Ryan                 31pts   (19)    Overall Runner-up  

3.      Jos Bennett             30pts    (12)    Overall 3rd  (back nine)

                                                              Class Winners

Class 1.
   Finian Fox           29pts       (10)  

Class 2.    John O'Neill         30pts       (12)   (back nine)

Class 3.    Paul McGuirk       30pts       (22)

               Michael Murray on hole 3,
               Michael Mason on hole 6,
               Finian Fox, Stephen McNevin, Frank Hendrick on hole 10,
               Michael Murray, Eric O'Connor, William Walsh on hole 14.