Monday, 27 November 2017

Sun. Results 26th Nov. 2017.


To book your child's present, ring the Pro-Shop before 2 p.m. tomorrow Tuesday 28th Nov.

Sun. Winner.

Eamon McLoughlin (16)                                                        27 pts. (back 9)


Ciaran O'Leary (13)                                          27 pts. (back 9)


Nick Norman (15)                                             27 pts.

Class 1.       Steven Buggy (11)                                                        26 pts. (back 9)
Class 2.        Keith Costello (13)                                  26 pts. (back 9)
Class 3.        Declan Coghlan (19)                   26 pts (back 9)

Twos; Brian Diviney,Joseph Goulding, Ivan Melcalfe, Martin Watts on Hole 8.
Seamus Grehan, Eamon McLoughlin, Errol Flynn on Hole 17.

Wed. Open Singles.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Christmas at Citywest Resort Golf Club 2017.

Christmas dates to Remember.

Sunday 3rd. from 2-15 to 4-30.

Children's Christmas Party; Santa Arrives in Citywest.

To Book your Child's Present, Ring the Pro-Shop 01-4010878.

Cost 5 Euro; All names must be in by This Sunday at 4 p.m.

Adults Christmas Party.

Fri. 8th. from 8 p.m. till late.
Food, Spot Prizes, Music, Drink's Reception.

Cost 10 Euro. Rooms available in the Hotel.
B&B, 50 Euro Total Cost for a Double Room. Ring Pro-Shop to Book.

Cadets Christmas Party.

Sun. 10 Dec. from 1 p.m. till 2 p.m.

Start the Festivities with Citywest Resort Golf Club.


Monday, 20 November 2017

Sat./Sun. Results 18th./19th. Nov. 2017.

Santa comes to Citywest Resort Golf Club.

Santa Claus will arrive at 2-15 p.m. on Sun, 3rd. Dec.

To Receive a Present off Santa, leave your child's name and age in the Pro-Shop.

Present, Goodie-bag, Disco, Face Painters, tea and coffee.

Total Cost 5 Euro per Child, 

All Names must be in before Sunday 26th Nov. at 3 p.m.
Children, Grandchildren and Friends all welcome.

Sat. Winner.

Steven Buggy (11)                                                                     29 pts.


Alan Doyle (13)                                                                   28 pts.


Danny Lyons (13)                              27 pts. (back 9)

Class 1.       Jim Carroll  (7)                                                              26 pts.
Class 2.      James Marshall (13)                            26 pts.(back 9)
Class 3.        John O'Connor (17)                       27 pts.

Twos on Sat.; John Geraghty on Hole 8.  Brendan Colgan, Albert Byrne,
Jonathan Scanlon, Bert Escolona, Nick Norman on Hole 17.

Sun. Winner.

William O'Brien (16)                                                                         36 pts.


Eric O'Connor (11)                                               35 pts. (back 9)


Pat G Byrne (14)                                            35 pts.

Class 1.     Joe Bennett (11)                                                            34 pts.
Class 2.        Nigel Eakins (15)                               33 pts. (back 9)
Class 3.       Neil Bannister (18)                                29 pts.

Twos on Sun.; Seamus Grehan, Stephen McNevin, Stephen Mackin,Mark McDonagh,
Paul O'Farrell on Hole 8.  William O'Brien on Hole 14.

Wed. Open Singles.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Wed. Results 15th Nov. 2017.

A fond farewell to Alan Dunning from all members of Citywest Resort Golf Club.
We wish you the best in your new position in Leopardstown.
Our thanks for your time and assistance over the period you spent in Citywest.
On behalf of Citywest Resort,
Brendan Colgan,

Wed. Winner.

Anthony Donohoe (13)                                                          34 pts.


Gary Hennessy (15)                                          33 pts. (back 3)


Frank MacNamara (16)                                33 pts.

Class 1.      Derek Magee (8)                                                                   31 pts.
Class 2.          Paul Callaghan (15)                                   32 pts. (back 9)
Class 3.        William Tonge (16)                           32 pts. (back 9)

Twos; Pat G Byrne, Camillus Delaney, Errol Flynn, Michael Kelly, Cathal O'Hara, 
Joe Ryan on Hole 3. Paul Callaghan, Gary Hennessy on Hole 14.

Sat./Sun. Singles Stableford.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Sun. Results 12th Nov. 2017.

The Annual A.G.M. will take place on Thurs. 7th. Dec. 

At the Nov. meeting of the General Committee,
Anthony Carton was nominated by the Committee, 
to be President for the years 2018/2019.

Sun. Winner.

Noel Finn (19)                                                                                33 pts.


Andy Cunningham (1)                                           27 pts. (back 6)


William O'Brian (13)                                   27 pts. (back 9)

Class 1.       Alan Mercer (9)                                                       26 pts. (back 6)
Class 2.      P.J. Conroy (11)                                                           26 pts.
Class 3.       Liam Carroll (17)                           27 pts.(back 3)

Twos; Paddy Kearns, Michael Murray, Derek Kelly, Martin Green on Hole 10.
Seamus Grehan, Eamon McLoughlin on Hole 17.

All the Results that were not published while i was on holidays, 
are posted in the Pro-Shop. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Wed. Open Singles.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wed. Results 8th Nov. 2017.

The A.G. M of the Men's Section will take place this evening at 8 p.m.

Wed. Winner.

Tony Banville (14)                                                    37 pts.


Robert Maguire (16)                                          35 pts.


Sean Murray (16)                                      34 pts.

Class 1;       Mal Duggan (5)                                                       32 pts.
Class 2;          William Bailey (13)                                      33 pts.
Class 3;       John Ennis (19)                         33 pts. (back 9)

Twos; Paul Burke on Hole 6, Tony O'Neill on Hole 10.

Sat/Sun. Singles Stableford.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A.G.M. Men's Club

Just a quick reminder,

 the Men's General Meeting will take place tomorrow evening,

Thurs. 9th Nov. at 8 P.M.

Brendan Colgan,
Hon. Sec.
Citywest Resort Golf Club.