Monday, 30 January 2017

Sat./Sun. Results 28th/29th Jan. 2017.

All Prizes won over the weekend will be held by the Committee,
Till Players commit to re-joining for the year 2017.

Those who have made arrangements for 2017 will receive their Prizes as normal.

Membership is from Jan.-Dec. Inclusive.

Sat. Winners.

Robert Maguire/Pat G Byrne                                                         38 pts.


Charlie Byrne/David Morrin                                                    36 pts.


David Finegan/Thomas Horrigan                      35 pts. (back 9)

Sun. Winner.

Seamus Grehan (3)                                                      30 pts. (back 9)


Colm Henry (14)                                                               30 pts.


David Finegan (8)                                    29 pts. (back 9)

Class 1.    Greg Stafford (7)                                                   29 pts.
Class 2.     William O Brien (13)                        28 pts. (back 9)
Class 3.       Brian Birmingham (14)                           29 pts.

Twos; Stephen Macken, Ed Stokes, Raymond Garvey on Hole 8.
Declan Lynch, John Stanley, Gary Hennessy, Christy Hughes, Darragh Hyland, Paul White,
Brian Birmingham, Colm Henry, Greg Kelly, Brian McCarthy on Hole 17.

Wed. Open Singles Stableford.

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