Thursday, 6 April 2017

Wed. Results 5th April 2017.

NO SHOWS                     NO SHOWS                    NO SHOWS.

If you cant make your tee-time, YOU MUST RING THE PRO-SHOP, 014010878

Failure to notify the Pro-Shop will result with a 2 competition suspension.

Any further no show by the same player will result with another 2 competition suspension and he will have to appear before the Committee to explain his conduct.

Wed. Winner.

Rory Dooley (22)                               36 pts.(back 6)


Ian Hanratty (20)                               36 pts. (back 9)


Charlie Connolly (19)                                    36 pts.

Class 1.     Shay Grehan (5))                                       34 pts.
Class 2.     Paul Burke (15)                                        35 pts.
Class 3.       Liam O'Donovan (25)                         34 pts.

C.S.S. = 35 PTS.

Twos; Andrew Cranley, Dave Magee on Hole 6.
Ian Hanratty, Liam Kenny on Hole 17.

Sat./Sun. Singles Stableford, No Placing. 

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