Thursday, 28 September 2017

Wed. Results 27th Sept. 2017.

This Sunday is the Start of the Turkey Season.

This Sunday the 18th Hole will become a Par 5, Index 10.

All 18 Holes have been re-classified, the new cards will be ready next week.

The Cards for Sunday will have the new Index penned in.

This review of the indices was taken over 17,000 rounds of golf.

Wed. Winner.

Brian McNally (27)                                                             35 pts. (back 9)


Vincent McNamee (24)                                                          35 pts.


Thomas Hartnett (18)                                 34 pts. (back 9)


Ray Byrne (19)                                   34 pts.

C.S.S. = 35 pts.

Twos; Noel Delaney, Stephen Poole, Shahbaz Rana on Hole 17.

Sat. Champions Day Please Check Time-Sheet.

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