Thursday, 10 May 2018

Wed. Results 9th May 2018.

The New Polo's are in the Pro-Shop.
These can be bought for 20 Euro till the end of May.

This is the Last Weekend to exchange Jumpers at the reduced Price of 25 Euro.

Wed. Winner.

Tom Quinlan (6)                                                                37 pts. (back 6)


Ray Byrne (19)                                                                     37 pts.


Kevin Kelleher (10)                                                  36 pts.


Declan Coghlan (26)                                       35 pts.

C.S.S. = 34 pts.

Twos; Nick Norman on Hole 6, Tom Quinlan on Hole 17.

Best of luck to the Pierce Purcell Team this weekend.

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