Thursday, 23 February 2017

Wed. Results 22nd Feb. 2017.

Any Member who requires tickets(free) for the Golf Expo this weekend,
please ring the Pro-Shop 4010878.

All prizes won on Wed. will be held over by the committee,
Till players show intent or commit to re-joining.

All members who have re-joined can collect their prizes in the normal way.

Handicaps will be suspended on the 1st March for members who have not re-joined.

Wed. Winner.

Robbie Harris(13)                                                             30 pts.


Jim Cranley (3)                                                               28 pts.


Anthony Donohoe (10)                                                 27 pts.

Class 1.    David Finegan (8)                                          25 pts. (back 9)
Class 2.       Christy Hughes (12)                                              26 pts.
Class 3.    David Morrin (19)                                  25 pts.(back 3)

Twos; Jim Cranley on Hole 8, William O Brien on Hole 17.

Sat. Scotch Foursomes (Weather permitting 12/14/18 Holes)
Sun. Singles Stableford.

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